Multimedia test utilities

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media includes these multimedia test utilities:
Utility Description Binary in installer Source code available upon request
mmcli Tests the APIs of multimedia components by forwarding commands from a script file or an interactive session to a loaded library or service. Yes No
mmrplay Plays or records media through mm-renderer, after configuring the service based on command-line options. Yes Yes
mmsyncclient Forwards media synchronization commands to mm-sync and reports synchronization status. This utility is described in the Multimedia Synchronizer Developer's Guide. Yes Yes
mm-pnp Multimedia plug-and-play tool, which provides a source code walkthrough of detecting a device, synchronizing its metadata, and playing its media files. You can modify the configuration file to customize how the tool responds when certain devices are attached. No Yes
charconvert2_icu Character converter plugin, which can be used for internationalization. No Yes
dbnotifydemo Monitors database changes made by mm-sync, by using libdbnotify. No Yes