Using the multimedia test utilities

The test and demo tools are command-line utilities that don't have their own APIs. Instead, users can enter high-level commands in a QNX Neutrino terminal to automate common media-management tasks. This design saves you from having to link in client-side libraries (for C programs) or use JavaScript extensions (for HTML5 apps) to integrate your prototype apps with multimedia services.

You can display a list of supported options for each tool with the use system command, as shown in the following example for mmcli:
% use mmcli

mmcli [options] [cmdfile]...

 -i DLL [options] -- load interface DLL
 -l log_file
 -D name=value    -- define a global variable
 -h file          -- save command history to that file
 -H               -- save command history to "cli.history"
 -L               -- display time as hh:mm:ss instead of seconds 
                     since start
 -v               -- increase verbosity of CLI and all loaded