Play media

You can play media on your target by inserting a mediastore and then issuing commands with mmrplay.

When you insert a mediastore (i.e., device with media content), the system automatically assigns a mountpoint. For a USB device, its filesystem is mounted to /fs/usb0. You must know the full paths of the media files that you want to play.

To play media files:
Open a QNX Neutrino terminal on the target board and enter a command like this:
# mmrplay /fs/usb0/stillness_in_time.mp3
This command plays an MP3 audio track but you would use the same syntax to play tracks in different formats or video files. For a list of supported file formats, see the Release Notes for QNX SDK for Apps and Media.
Note: When playing video files, you must use the -v option with a value of screen: to tell mmrplay to direct the output to the display.
The mmrplay utility starts playing the media file at the specified path. The command returns when playback finishes. For more detailed playback examples, see the Multimedia Test Utilities Guide.