Calibrate the Screen and Launch the Browser

When the board boots, you'll be prompted to calibrate the screen:
  1. Touch the dot in the upper-left corner and continue to touch the dot where it appears on the display until the calibration process is complete.

  2. When the calibration is complete, click Accept.
    Note: Each time you reboot your board, you'll need to recalibrate the screen.
  3. When the target system boots up, the browser frameworks starts in the background. To launch the browser app, run the following command:
    launch sys.browser
    Note: The browser app requires both a touchschreen and a USB keyboard on the target.

    The target system loads the browser app:

    Note: Since RAM disk is used as the filesystem, all changes made directly to the generated appsmedia-sample buildfile will be deleted when you reboot your target device.