Generate an IPL/MLO file

When some OMAP4 and OMAP5 boards start up, they require a corresponding MLO file with the image. If your board requires an MLO file, you'll need to generate it and include it on the SD card to initialize your board's boot loader. Because these boards look for a file called MLO, you'll use the IPL found in the /images directory (e.g., for OMAP5432, the file is sd-ipl-omap5-uevm5432.bin) and simply rename it.
To generate an MLO file:
  1. Change directory to /images.
  2. Run the following command:
    Note: If you're using a Windows host, you must run the mkflashimage command in the bash shell.
    The mkflashimage script generates an IPL for use with flash media.
  3. Rename the generated IPL file from:


  4. To copy the MLO file to the SD card:
    • For Linux, type the following command:
      cp MLO SD_card_location
      Note: For Ubuntu, the location of the SD card will be /media/username.
    • For Windows, type the following command:
      copy MLO SD_card_location
    • If the card is freshly formatted, the MLO file should be the first file copied to the card. Once the file is on the card, subsequent copying order doesn't matter. If the corresponding MLO file is not included on the SD card along with the image file, you'll receive an error message when the image attempts to load on the target device.
    • Instead of using the copy command, you can use drag-and-drop to copy these files directly onto your SD card.