Build a BSP for QNX SDP 6.6

To build a BSP for QNX SDP 6.6 follow these steps.
Note: If you're using a Windows host, run the commands in the bash shell.
  1. Download a QNX SDP 6.6 BSP from the QNX website at to a new directory within the QNX SDP 6.6 host environment (the archive unzips to the current directory).
    For example, you can use the following directory structure:

    The BSP file will be named something similar to the following:

    where board_name is the name of the board, xxxxxx is the SVN ID for the BSP, and yy is a unique ID for the BSP.

  2. Navigate to the directory where you saved the BSP and extract the BSP archive file using the following command at the prompt:
    unzip bsp_filename

    The unzip process extracts files to the following directories:

    Directory Description
    /images Contains the QNX IFS, which is the image suitable for running on the target device. Any other related binaries (such as an IPL or combined IPL/IFS image) are also created in this directory. In addition, the generated IFS buildfile will also reside in this directory after the BSP builds. By default, this directory also contains a prebuilt OS image.
    /install When the BSP is built, the contents of the /prebuilt directory are copied to this location. Any binaries generated as a result of building the BSP source (contained in the BSP's /src directory) are also copied to the /install directory. The directory structure within the /install directory reflects the structure of a typical QNX host machine. However, when you build the IFS image, the /install directory is searched first for any required binaries or libraries, before the remaining host system directories are searched. This ensures that the intended BSP components come from the IFS rather than the host system, which may have older versions of these components that existed prior to the installation of the BSP.
    /prebuilt Contains various header files necessary to build the source components of the BSP, as well as any prebuilt binaries or libraries for which the source code is not included with the BSP.
    /src Contains the source code for device drivers, libraries, and utilities.
  3. To build the QNX 6.6 BSP, change to the root directory of the unzipped BSP and type the following command at the prompt:

    After you build the BSP, you'll find key files in the following locations, where $BSP_ROOT_DIR is the name of the directory you extracted the BSP archive in, and $CPU_VARIANT is the CPU architecture the BSP is targeted for (e.g., armle-v7 or x86):

    File Location
    Buildfile $BSP_ROOT_DIR/images
    IPL and/or startup $BSP_ROOT_DIR/install/$CPU_VARIANT/boot/sys
    Prebuilt libraries (DLL drivers), such as audio, graphics, and network $BSP_ROOT_DIR/install/$CPU_VARIANT/lib/dll
    Generic header files (not architecture specific) $BSP_ROOT_DIR/install/usr/include
    Source code for different drivers (sbin drivers), such as serial, flash, block, PCI, PCMCIA, and USB $BSP_ROOT_DIR/install/$CPU_VARIANT/sbin