A function you must write to indicate there are changes in the resource editor data


typedef int ResPluginAnyChangesF_t ( ResPluginHandle_t handle )


This function is exported in the ResPluginFullEditor_t structure.

This function is called by PhAB to ask the full editor whether it contains changes or not. If there are no changes, the plugin should return RESPLUGIN_NO_CHANGES. If there are changes, the plugin should return RESPLUGIN_CHANGES.

The plugin can also return RESPLUGIN_WAIT if it cannot answer right away. In this case the plugin has to call back later into PhAB, using the answer_changes() function. PhAB will not destroy the plugin instance until the call to answer_changes() is made. The RESPLUGIN_WAIT can be used in the case where the plugin spawns an external application to edit the resource, as described in the Plugin lifecycle section.


The ResPluginHandle_t handle returned when the instance of the editor is created with ResPluginFullCreateF_t.

Should return:

This function should return one of:


This sample function is from the complete plugin example at the end of this chapter.

static int plugin_full_any_changes( ResPluginHandle_t handle )
  PluginFullInstance_t *instance = ( PluginFullInstance_t * ) handle;
  char *p;
  PtGetResource( instance->full_widget, Pt_ARG_TEXT_STRING, &p, 0 );
  if( !strcmp( p, instance->value_master ) ) return RESPLUGIN_NO_CHANGES;


QNX Neutrino

See also:

answer_changes(), ResPluginFrugalCreateF_t, ResPluginFullCreateF_t, ResPluginFullEditor_t.