PxConfigNextEntry(), PxConfigNextEntryCx()

Get the next entry in the current section


#include <photon/PxProto.h>

const char *PxConfigNextEntry( const char **value );

const char *PxConfigNextEntryCx( PxCfgContext_t *cx,
                                 const char **value );


PxConfigNextEntryCx() only. The configuration file handle for the file you want to get the next string in. This handle is returned by PxConfigOpenCx().
If passed in as a non-NULL pointer, the function fills this in with pointer to a string containing the value of the next entry.




These functions return the next entry in the current section as a pointer to a string. A pointer to the entry name is returned, and value is filled in with a pointer to the string containing its configuration value. This may be used to process a configuration section consisting of unknown entries, but where each entry is to be processed in a similar fashion.

Note: These functions are similar to PxConfigNextString*(), but because they don't copy the string, they are faster.

If there is no current section (for example, if the file has just been opened), PxConfigNextEntry*() seeks to the beginning of the first section, and returns the first entry.


A string containing the next entry name within the current section if one exists, NULL otherwise.

Note: If PxConfigNextEntry*() detects the end of the section, it returns NULL. If you call PxConfigNextEntry() again, it gets the next entry in the next section.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PxConfigFirstSection*(), PxConfigNextEntry*(), PxConfigNextSection*(), PxConfigOpen*(), PxConfigSection*()