Importing an existing standalone QNX Photon Appbuilder project

If you have an application written in the standalone version of QNX Photon Appbuilder, you can import it into an empty IDE-based PhAB project. Once the project is imported, you can edit the source and build the project in the IDE.
To import a standalone PhAB project:
  1. Open the project in standalone PhAB and make sure it uses an Eclipse Project directory structure. To do this, select Project > Convert to Eclipse Project .
    Note: If this option is grayed out, the project already uses an Eclipse Project directory structure.
  2. Save the project.
  3. Run the IDE and create a new Photon Appbuilder Project. This will run PhAB automatically, but for now cancel and exit out of PhAB. This creates a new, empty PhAB project in your workspace.
  4. Select File > Import… , and choose File system to import resources from the local filesystem. Browse to the project saved earlier by standalone PhAB, and import the following items:
    • the abapp.dfn file
    • the abapp.wsp file
    • the src directory and contents
    • the wgt directory and contents
  5. At this point you can rebuild the project using the IDE, and launch PhAB from the IDE to edit the project.
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