The C/C++ perspective

The C/C++ perspective is where you develop and build your projects. As indicated earlier (Projects in the IDE), a project is a container for organizing and storing your files.

Besides writing code and building your projects, you may also debug and analyze your programs from the C/C++ perspective.

Note: You'll find complete documentation on the C/C++ perspective, including several tutorials to help you get started, in the core Eclipse platform documentation set ( Help > Help Contents > C/C++ Development User Guide .)

The views in the C/C++ perspective are driven primarily by selections you make in the C/C++ editor and the Project Explorer view. The Project Explorer view is configured specifically for C and C++ development.

For information about the Project Explorer view: See these sections in the Workbench User Guide:
Toolbar and icons Concepts > Views > Project Explorer view
Right-click context menu Reference > User interface information > Views and editors > Project Explorer view

Wizards and launch configurations

To create and run your first program, you'll use two major facilities within the IDE:

After you've used these features of the IDE for the first time, you'll be able to create, build, and run your programs very quickly.

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