Checking out BSP packages directly from the SVN Repositories view

To view and check out source packages directly from the source tree:

  1. Open the SVN Repositories view (use Window > Show View , and then expand SVN).
  2. Set up Foundry27 repositories in the SVN Repositories view, or select an existing Foundry27 repository.
  3. If you haven't already logged into Foundry27, then you'll see the Authentication dialog where you must type your Foundry27 user ID and password.
    Note: In the SVN repository view, when you create a new repository location, we recommend that if permitted, you also save the password. This means the next time you select this repository location, the Authentication dialog doesn't display.

    SVN Repositories view

  4. Once authenticated, browse the available source tree for the list of remote packages.
  5. Locate the package that you want to import, and then select that package.
  6. Right-click on a source item from the tree, and then select Check Out to start the checkout process.
  7. After the checkout of the BSP completes, right-click on the BSP project and select Build.
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