Importing a C/C++ Project from SVN

To check out an existing C/C++ project (either a QNX C, QNX C++, C, or C++ project) from the SVN repository into your workspace:

  1. In the SVN Repositories view, right-click a project and select Check Out from the menu. The IDE creates a project with the same name as the SVN module in your workspace. The project is automatically recognized as a C/C++ or QNX C/C++ project (if the project has .project and .cproject files).
  2. If the project is a QNX project:
    1. Right-click the new project in the Project Explorer view and select Properties.
    2. Click the Build Variants tab, which shows a warning:

      At least one platform should be selected

    3. Select the build variants that are already present in the project's folder structure.
    4. Click OK.