Find printable strings in files (POSIX)


strings_variants [options] file

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino, Linux, Microsoft Windows


The strings_variant depends on the target platform, as follows:

Target platform: strings_variant:
ARM ntoarm-strings
MIPS ntomips-strings
PowerPC ntoppc-strings
SH4 ntosh-strings
x86 ntox86-strings


For each file given, strings prints the printable character sequences that are at least 4 characters long (or the number given with the options) and are followed by an unprintable character. By default, it prints only the strings from the initialized and loaded sections of object and ELF files; for other types of files, it prints the strings from the whole file.

The strings utility is mainly useful for determining the contents of nontext files.

For more information, see the Binutils documentation on the GNU website at

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