Building a single project

To perform a simple build for an active configuration, select one or more projects, right-click, and select Build Project from the context menu. To clean projects before you build, right-click the projects and select Clean Project.

For QNX and Makefile projects, you can create and build specific make targets using the context menu for the selected project.

For a managed project, you can change the active default configuration and build using the Build Configurations menu. When you build a managed project, you can also set a global preference to build a single configuration or all of them at once.

Container projects let you combine several projects in order to quickly switch between different build configurations. A configuration is a set of projects of various types (including other containers). Each member of the configuration has two important attributes specific for the container environment: the target and the variant. These are very generic attributes, and their interpretation is completely defined by a particular configuration member. For example, for a QNX C project, the target is a make target (e.g., build or clean), and the variant is the platform to build for (e.g., for x86, this could be x86/release, x86/debug).