Building from the command line

You can build one or more projects from the command line using mkbuild commands with one of the following formats:

mkbuild -ws <workspace> [options] 
mkbuild [-project] <dir> [options] 
mkbuild -ws <workspace> -projects <project1[,project2...]> [options]


If a project doesn't support a target, the default target gets built. By default, for make projects, no targets are defined; make targets have to be created from the UI in order to use named targets.


To build a default target and variant for the project projectA:

mkbuild /home/user/workspace/projectA

To build all projects in a specified workspace:

mkbuild -ws /home/user/workspace

To build using another IDE installation:

QDE=/home/user/IDE4.6 mkbuild ... 

To build the projectA and projectB projects with clean, all targets, and the x86 variant/configuration:

mkbuild -ws /home/user/workspace -projects projectA,projectB -target \
clean,all -variant x86