Adding an IPL to the start of your image

To add an IPL to the start of your image:
  1. In the Images view, select your image.
  2. Click the Combine image(s) icon ().
  3. In the Create New Image dialog box, check Add IPL.

  4. Enter the IPL filename (or click the browse icon and select the IPL file from the file browser).
  5. In the Pad IPL to: field, select padding equal to or greater than the size of your IPL.
    If the padding is less than the size of the IPL, the image won't contain the complete IPL.
  6. Click OK.
Note: If you get a File Not Found error while building, make sure the Build with profiling option is unchecked in all of the C/C++ projects in the BSP working set. To do this for each project, right-click on it, then choose Properties and select QNX C/C++ Project to view and if necessary, update the Build with profiling setting. Then, rebuild all of the projects.