Unpack transport data, using a custom memory-allocation function


char * PhMallocUnpack( PhTransportHdr_t *hdr, 
                       void **ret_struct, 
                       TransportMalloc_t *ymalloc, 
                       void *ymalloc_cb_data );




This function unpacks data packed using one of the PhTransport* or PtTransport* functions. Any memory required for the extraction is allocated via calls to the provided ymalloc function. If ymalloc is NULL, a default allocator is used.

The hdr parameter describes the data to be unpacked and is itself extracted from the packed data stream. See PhGetTransportHdr().

The pointer referenced by ret_struct is set to point to the newly unpacked data. The actual data representation of the data extracted is described in the hdr that's passed as the first parameter to this function.

The TransportMalloc_t type (used for the prototype of the ymalloc function) is:

typedef void *TransportMalloc_t( 
                 PhTransportRegEntry_t *trans_entry,
                 void *cbdata,
                 int fixup_index,
                 size_t size );

For each piece of memory that must be allocated while unpacking, the provided ymalloc function is called with the following arguments:

This makes it very easy to unpack specific pieces of data into shared memory blocks, etc.

As the data is unpacked, it's automatically endian-corrected.

To free data unpacked using this function, call PhFreeTransportType().


A pointer to the byte in the data stream following the data just extracted.



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PhAllocPackType(), PhFindTransportType(), PhFreeTransportType(), PhPackEntry(), PhRegisterTransportType(), PhTransportRegEntry_t, PhTransportType(), PhUnpack()

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