Data structure that describes video overlay scaler capabilities


typedef struct scaler_caps {
    unsigned    size;
    unsigned    format;
    unsigned    flags:
    short       src_max_x;
    short       src_max_y;
    short       max_mag_factor_x;
    short       max_mag_factor_y;
    short       max_shrink_factor_x;
    short       max_shrink_factor_y;
    unsigned    reserved[10];
} PgScalerCaps_t;


The PgScalerCaps_t structure describes video overlay scaler capabilities. It includes at least:

The size of this structure. The application should set this to sizeof (PgScalerCaps_t).
The video data format to which the capabilities in this structure pertain. It can be one of the following formats, which are defined in <Pg.h>:
The flags include:
src_max_x, src_max_y
The maximum width and height of a video data frame before scaling.
max_mag_factor_x, max_mag_factor_y
The maximum upward scaling factor in the horizontal and vertical directions.
max_shrink_factor_x, max_shrink_factor_y
The maximum downward scaling factor in the horizontal and vertical directions. Some scalers can't perform downward scaling, in which case these fields are set to 1.



See also:

PgConfigScalerChannel(), PgCreateVideoChannel(), PgDestroyVideoChannel(), PgGetOverlayChromaColor(), PgGetScalerCapabilities(), PgNextVideoFrame(), PgScalerProps_t, PgVideoChannel_t

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