Extract the image data from a widget in a widget database


#include <Ap.h>

PhImage_t *ApGetImageRes(
              ApDBase_t const *dbase,
              char const *wgt_name );


The widget database pointer returned from ApOpenDBase() or ApOpenDBaseFile().
The name of widget within the database that has the image that you want to extract.




ApGetImageRes() lets you extract images from a widget in a PhAB widget database.

This function is mainly used to perform simple animation. You can create a series of tiles, using any widget that supports images, in a PhAB widget database; to create the animation, cycle through the tiles by pulling out the images in sequence, updating another widget that is visible within the application window.


A pointer to a PhImage_t structure, or NULL if the widget or image data couldn't be found.

Note: This function returns a pointer into the widget database; don't close the database while still using the image. If you must close the widget database, you should first use PiDuplicateImage() to make a copy of the image and associated structures.
  1. Make a copy of the image data, such as image pixel data, alpha channel, palette, etc, using PiDuplicateImage().
  2. Update the PhImage_t structure to point to the new copies of the data.


PhImage_t   *image;

mydbase = ApOpenDBase( ABM_mypicture );
image = ApGetImageRes( mydbase, "myimage" );

/* update the label widget with the new image */

if ( image ) {
    PtSetResource( ABW_label_wgt, Pt_ARG_LABEL_IMAGE,
                   image, 0 );



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

ApOpenDBase(), ApOpenDBaseFile(), PgDrawPhImage*(), PhCreateImage(), PhImage_t, PhMakeGhostBitmap(), PhMakeTransBitmap(), PhMakeTransparent(), PhReleaseImage(), PmMemCreateMC(), PmMemFlush(), PxLoadImage()

Images and Animation in the Raw Drawing and Animation chapter of the Photon Programmer's Guide