Query and display QNX installations and configurations



Runs on:

Microsoft Windows




QWinCfg is a graphical application that you can use in Microsoft Windows to set or query the QNX configuration files. It supports the coexistence of multiple versions of Neutrino on one machine.

Note: QWinCfg is a graphical front end for qconfig that exists only on Windows. On other hosts, use qconfig.

To launch this application, choose QNX Momentics 6.3.0-->Configuration from the Start menu.

Whenever you install a version of Neutrino, a configuration file is stored in a directory that depends on the host OS. Each configuration file defines the name of the installation and its base, host, and target directories.

QWinCfg spawns qconfig to populate its list of available installations and lets you select one of them. You can also specify custom locations for the host and target files.

When you click OK, QWinCfg sets the QNX_HOST, QNX_TARGET, and MAKEFLAGS environment variables and modifies the PATH appropriately. This utility sets these values in the registry, so they become the global defaults. QWinCfg overwrites these variables, so this utility destroys any changes that you might have previously made to them manually.

If you select a 6.2.1 installation, QWinCfg clears MAKEFLAGS and adds $QNX_HOST/usr/bin/cygwin_dll to the path.

QWinCfg sets MAKEFLAGS to be a path that's relative to the target files (e.g. $QNX_TARGET/usr/include). QWinCfg removes from PATH any elements for the previously selected version of QNX Momentics and adds elements for the currently selected version. These entries are relative to the new host file location (e.g. $QNX_HOST/usr/bin).

Path separators for MAKEFLAGS are converted to forward slashes; for PATH, they're converted to backslashes. The separators in QNX_HOST and QNX_TARGET aren't changed.

Click the Show Packages.. button to display a list of the QNX packages that you've installed on your system.

Environment variables:

The name of the directory that stores the configuration files.

See also:

qbinaudit, qconfig, showlicense, sysinfo

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