Provide Photon system information


phin [-AhLMqW] [-C children] [-f chars] [-n name] [-P name]
     [-p pid] [-R rid] [-r rid] [-T type] [command]

Runs on:



Show all regions.
-C children
Show all children of this RID.
-f chars
Instead of a command, use the specified string of format characters. Valid characters are:

Note: * See the Description section for details on these options.

Suppress header information.
Be literal: display flags fields in hex.
Display for manager type regions only.
-n name
The name of the Photon Manager to communicate with. If the name starts with a digit, the utility treats it as a node number and communicates with /dev/photon on that node. If the name starts with a slash, the utility treats it as a full path. Otherwise, the utility looks for it in your /dev directory. The default is /dev/photon.
-P name
Show information only for the process with this name.
-p pid
Show information only for the process with this PID. This option may be repeated.
Suppress all output; the exit value is the number of regions that would have been listed.
-R rid
Start with the region that has this region identifier (RID) and show information about its children and the siblings behind.
-r rid
Show information only for the region with this RID. This option may be repeated.
-T type
Display information only about this type of region:
Show window type regions only.
A command that lets you view specific groups of information and provides a compact way to specify commonly used -f combinations. Only the first two letters of a command are required:
Command   Description Equivalent
all All the commonly used flags pnbrPFfehOzwST
areas Region absolute areas and origins prPOAn
channel Channel information dprPgGkMqQBn
cproc Channel and process dprPgkqQnib
default Simple process and region flags prPfenb
family Region parent, child, and brother info prPFfen
rareas Region relative areas and origins prPoan
regions Specific info about regions prPfeOz
sculpted Region and process info, indented by depth +prPibnT
window Specific info about windows rnwST
wprocess Process info about windows rpiSnT


The phin utility displays information about the state of the Photon window system.

Here's what the options of the region flags, event flags, window flags, window render, window state, process flags, and channel flags indicate.

Region flags:
Event flags:
-e [isTRWcdDEBm#k]
Window flags:
Window render:
-R [Mncmtrb]
Window state:
-S [MDpIihfARF]
Process flags:
Channel flags:


Display default information:


Display information about windows on node my_node:

phin -n my_node window

Display information about regions on the device /net/my_node/dev/photon:

phin -n /net/my_node/dev/photon regions

Display parent, child, and brother information about regions on the device /dev/photon:

phin -n photon family