Display PCI devices

Note: You need to log in as root to use this utility.


pci [-n] [-v]

Runs on:



The maximum number of PCI buses to scan.
Be verbose; display all PCI devices.


The pci utility displays Peripheral Component Interconnect devices. By default, it displays only disk, network, and graphics devices. Use the -v (verbose) option to display all PCI devices.

Caution: This utility is intended for debugging purposes; running it on an active system may cause some devices to hang.


Here's some sample output from pci:

Class          = Mass Storage (IDE)
Vendor ID      = 8086, Intel Corporation
Device ID      = 7010h, 82371SB PIIX3 IDE Interface (Triton II)
PCI index      = 0
IO Address     = ffa0h enabled
PCI Int Pin    = NC
Interrupt line = 0

See also:


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