Format for specifying variable names for SNMP utilities




The mib.txt file defines the format for specifying variable names for SNMP utilities. Each entry in the file is a variable name in ASN.1 notation for object identifiers, as defined in RFC 1065. The format is:


where A, B, C, D... are sub-identifiers in one of these forms:

If you don't precede the variable name with a . (dot), SNMP utilities add the prefix iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib to the name. To fully specify the variable name, you must place a . (dot) before the first sub-identifier.

For example, the following refer to the same variable:

1.1.0 system.sysDescr.0 1.sysDescr.0

iso.org.dod.internet.mgmt.mib.system.sysDescr.0 .

SNMP utilities search for a description of the variables in the following files, in this order:

  1. the file named in the MIBFILE environment variable
  2. /nodecfg/node_name/etc/mib.txt, where node_name is the value of the CS_NODENAME configuration string (see getconf and setconf)
  3. /etc/mib.txt

See also:

snmpget, snmpgetnext, snmptest, snmptrapd, snmpwalk

Based on ISO IS 8824 (ASN.1), RFC 1065, RFC 1066, RFC 1067, RFC 1446