Driver for USB-compliant human interface devices (HID)


io-hid -d usb [option[,option ...]] ... &

io-hid -d usb [option[,option ...]] ...

Runs on:



Don't attach to the HID device matching the given vendor and device IDs. The vid and did must be hexadecimal vendor and product IDs (e.g. igndev=0x1234:0x5678), as reported by the usb utility.

You can use the igndev option to ignore specific USB HID devices. This allows another USB driver to attach and manage the device. You can specify multiple igndev options.

The did also supports pattern matching to let you specify a range for device IDs for a particular vendor; see the examples below.

The USB stack path. The default is /dev/io-usb/io-usb
Be verbose.
The number of seconds to wait for the USB stack to come up.


The is a DLL which is used with the io-hid manager. It connects to the USB stack to give HID clients access to USB-compliant human interface devices.

Note: Run the USB stack first. Please refer to io-usb for further information.


Start io-hid using the USB HID driver and manage all USB HID devices:

io-hid -d usb &


io-hid &
mount -Tio-hid

Ignore all devices for a specific vendor:

io-hid -dusb igndev=0x1234

Ignore a specific device for a specific vendor:

io-hid -dusb igndev=0x1234:0x5678

Ignore a range of devices for a specific vendor:

io-hid -dusb igndev=0x1234:0x5???

See also: devh-*, hidview, io-hid, io-usb, usb