Product name for middleware developed by QNX Software Systems.
Board Support Package — a set of software components (IPL, startup code, drivers, buildfiles, as well as the QNX Neutrino RTOS) and documentation intended to help you get Neutrino up and running on a particular board.
A “control” file that specifies the particular startup program, environment variables, drivers, host-target communications, etc. that will be used to generate an OS image. The file provides instructions to a utility program such as mkifs, which generates OS images. In the context of the IDE, the buildfile is sometimes called a target file.
Development License
Development using QNX Software Systems products is governed by the terms of the applicable developer license agreement to which you you must agree to install the software product. For more information, see the Licensing area of our website,
Distribution License
Distribution of QNX Software Systems products is governed by the terms of the QNX Runtime License Agreement or the QNX OEM License Agreement. For more information, see the Licensing area of our website,
Driver Development Kit — a set of source code and documentation intended to help you write your own drivers for various devices: audio, graphics, input (mice, keyboards, etc.), network, and USB.
Name of a tools project and platform developed by an open consortium of vendors (, including QNX Software Systems.

The IDE within the QNX Momentics Tool Suite consists of a set of special plugins integrated into the standard Eclipse framework.

End User License Agreement.
Integrated Development Environment — in QNX Momentics, the IDE is based on the Eclipse framework, and includes many highly integrated tools for code development and system analysis.

IDE also stands for Integrated Drive Electronics, a standard interface used between a computer's bus and disk storage devices.

Initial Program Loader — the software component responsible for setting up the machine into a usable state, such that the startup code can then perform further initializations.
Product name for the tool suite created by QNX Software Systems for its Neutrino RTOS.
Product name of the RTOS created by QNX Software Systems.
Open Community License.
Persistent Publish/Subscribe, a resource manager that makes it easy to disseminate information to interested processes.
QNX Community License.
Name of an earlier-generation RTOS created by QNX Software Systems. Also, short form of the company's name.
Quality of Service — a policy (e.g. loadbalance) used to connect nodes in a network in order to ensure highly dependable transmission. QoS is an issue that often arises in high-availability (HA) networks as well as realtime control systems.
QNX Software Systems.
Realtime operating system.
Runtime License
See the Licensing area of our website,
startup code
The software component that gains control after the IPL code has performed the minimum necessary amount of initialization. After gathering information about the system, the startup code transfers control to the OS.