Extra library paths

Select this category to modify the list of library paths (to specify locations where the linker should look for import libraries (.so or .a files), and change the order in which they are referenced.

Linker Tab: Extra Library paths

The default dialog for the Extra paths category.

Field descriptions for the External library paths category

Library directory expression
Show the list of directory expressions for the library paths you specified.
Add a library project path by browsing your workspace for the library. When you add a library from your workspace, the IDE uses a relocatable notation so that other members with different workspace locations can all work successfully without having to make any project adjustments.
QNX target…
Add a library path from an existing QNX target.
Add a library path from the entire filesystem.
Remove the selected library path reference from the list of library directory expressions.
Change the order by moving the currently selected library path up in the list. Libraries are processed in the order in which they appear in the list. If a static library references symbols defined in another static library, the library containing the reference must be listed before the library containing the definition. If you have cross references or circular references, you might not be able to satisfy this requirement.
Change the order by moving the currently selected library path down in the list.