Starting the IDE from the command line

You can start the IDE by running the qde command:

  1. For Windows, navigate to the directory where the qde.exe executable is located (for example, for Windows hosts, C:/QNX641/host/win32/x86/usr/qde/eclipse), and run the following command: qde
  2. For Linux, navigate to the directory where the qde script resides, and run this command: ./qde

For details about directing the IDE at a particular workspace location, see the topic Specifying a workspace location in the IDE Concepts chapter.

For more information about starting the IDE, including advanced execution options for developing or debugging parts of Eclipse itself, see Tasks > Running Eclipse in the Workbench User Guide.

Note: Don't run the eclipse command, even though it may seem to work. Always use qde instead, because it configures the proper QNX-specific environment.
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