Starting the IDE for the first time

The first time you start the IDE on Windows, the Workspace Launcher dialog prompts you for a location to store your workspace. All of your IDE projects are stored in this directory.

Workspace Launcher

Selecting a workspace directory.

By default, the IDE offers to put your workspace in home_directory/ide-4.7-workspace on Linux, and C:\ide-4.7-workspace on Windows.

To store your workspace in another location:

  1. Click Browse… and select a directory for your workspace.
  2. To continue loading the IDE, click OK.
    Note: Check the Use this as the default and do not ask again box to always use the selected workspace when launching the IDE.
  3. To change the default workspace location on Linux, launch qde with the -data workspace_path option, where workspace_path is the location to your working directory.

For information about redirecting the IDE to reference a different workspace, see the topic Specifying a workspace location in the IDE Concepts chapter.

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