Creating custom options

Note: In this section, the term targets refers to operations that the make command executes during a build, not to target machines.

A make target is an action called by the make utility to perform a build-related task. For example, QNX Makefiles support a target named clean, which you invoke as make clean. The IDE lets you set up your own make targets. You can also use a make target to pass options such as CPULIST=x86, which causes the make utility to build only for x86.

To add your own custom make target to the C/C++ Project Explorer view's right-click menu:
  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click a project and select Create Make Target….
  2. Type the name of your make target (e.g. myMakeStuff).
  3. Click Create. You'll see your target option listed in the Build Targets dialog, which appears when you select the Build Make Target… item from the right-click menu of the C/C++ Project Explorer view. Your targets also appear in the Make Targets view.
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