Enabling the autobuild feature for QNX C/C++ projects

By default, the IDE builds your project only when you tell it to, but it can also build your project automatically every time you change a file or other resource in any way (e.g. delete, copy, save, etc.). This feature is optimal when you have projects that are small in size, or not too many projects open at the same time. However, for best performance with very large projects, or if you have many open projects, you will want to leave the autobuild feature disabled. QNX C/C++ projects have their own autobuild setting, separate from the workspace-wide preference.
To set the autobuild feature for QNX C/C++ projects:
  1. Right-click a QNX C/C++ project, then choose Properties from the menu.
  2. On the left, select QNX C/C++ Project, and then select the Make Builder tab:

    Make Builder tab

  3. Enable the Build on resource save (Auto Build) option in the Workbench Build Behavior area.
  4. Click OK to close the project properties dialog and return to the Workbench.
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