QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite

Integrated Development Environment User's Guide

The IDE User's Guide accompanies the QNX® Software Development Platform and is intended for application developers. It describes the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is part of the QNX Momentics Tool Suite. The guide introduces you to the IDE and shows you how to use it effectively to build your QNX Neutrino-based systems.

The How to use this guide topic contains a listing of all topics in the guide.

To quickly get started using the IDE, see Getting Started, Developing C/C++ Programs, the Common Wizards Reference, or to run through the IDE tutorials, see Tutorials. To find out what's new in this release, see What's New in the IDE.

For information on how to obtain technical support, or for typographical conventions and standards, refer to the About this guide chapter.

For legal and copyright information, refer to the copyright notice.

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