Project layout

A single QNX System Builder project can contain your .ifs file and multiple .efs files, as well as your startup code and boot script. You can import the IPL from another location or you can store it inside the project directory.

By default, your QNX System Builder project includes the following parts:

Item Description
Images directory The images and generated files that the IDE creates when you build your project.
Overrides directory When you build your project, the IDE first looks in this directory for a directory matching the image being built. Any files in that directory are used to satisfy the build requirements before searching the standard locations. You can use the Overrides/image_name directory to easily test a change to your build. The image_name subdirectory is created automatically, and you must populate it with the override files your image needs.
Reductions directory The IDE lets you reduce your image size by eliminating unused libraries, and shrinking the remaining libraries. The IDE stores the reduced libraries in the Reductions/image_name directory (where image_name is the name of the image being built).
.project file Information about the project, such as its name and type. All IDE projects have a .project file.
.sysbldr_meta file Information about the properties specific to a QNX System Builder project. This file describes where the IDE looks for files (including the Overrides and Reductions directories), the location of your IPL file, how the IDE includes .efs files, and the final format of your .ifs file.
project.bld file Information about the structure and contents of your .ifs and .efs files. This file also contains your boot script file.
.bsh file Contains the boot script for your project.
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