Absolute Location on Host
The absolute location for this item's data on the host. By default, if you add a binary from the workspace or filesystem, the absolute path for the file automatically shows in the Absolute Location on Host property. If you add a binary devc-serpsc from QNX_TARGET where the BSP is installed, the absolute path would show as QNX_TARGET/ppcbe/sbin, where QNX_TARGET is the default absolute path (i.e., for Windows it would be C:\QNX641\target\qnx6). If you add a binary using the default search path, the Absolute Location on Host field will be empty because the IDE already knows the location of the file. For more information, see Creating a new QNX System Builder project for an OS image.
Include In Image
If Yes, the QNX System Builder includes this item when it builds the image.
Optional Item?
If Yes, this item is considered optional. It's excluded from the image if the image is too large to fit in the architecture-specific maximum image size.
The name of the file for this item (e.g. devc-ser8250). The filename property refers to the filename of the item in the target image. The default is the same as Filename on Host, but you can rename it.
Location In Image
The directory where the item lives. If you change this setting, the directory location shown in the Filesystem pane changes as well.

Symbolic links also have a Linked To field for the source file.

A deleted directory persists if it still contains items. To completely remove the directory, delete the reference to the directory in the Location In Image field in the Properties view for all the items in the directory.

Absolute Location on Host
The fully-qualified directory where the item resides. You browse to a directory to set this location.
Filename on host
The filename of the item on the host development system being included in the image.
Strip File
By default, strip strips debugging information from executable files that you include in the image. Doing this helps reduce the size of the image. To keep this information, select No. See mkifs (especially the +raw attribute) and mksbp in the Utilities Reference.