Optimizing all libraries in your image

To optimize all the libraries in an image:
  1. In the System Builder Projects view, double-click your project's project.bld file.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Optimize System button (Icon: Optimize System).
  3. In the System Optimizer, select the optimizations that you want to make:
    Option Description
    Remove unused libraries When you select this option, the Dietician inspects your entire builder project and ensures that all shared libraries in the system are required for proper operation. If the QNX System Builder finds libraries that no component in your project actually needs, you'll be prompted to remove those libraries from your project.
    Add missing libraries This option causes the Dietician to inspect your entire project for missing libraries. If any binaries, DLLs, or shared libraries haven't met load-time library requirements, you'll be prompted to add these libraries to your project.
    Apply diet(s) system wide This option runs the Dietician on all the libraries selected. The diets are applied in the proper order so that runtime dependencies aren't broken. If you were to do this by hand, it's possible that the dieting of one shared library could render a previously dieted shared library nonfunctional. The order of operations is key!
    Note: To ensure that your image works and is as efficient as possible, you should select all three options.
  4. Click Next. On the next three pages, you'll see a list of the libraries scheduled to be removed, added, or put on a diet. Uncheck the libraries that you don't want included in the operation, then move to the next page.
  5. Click Finish. The System Optimizer optimizes your libraries; the reduced libraries appear in your project's Reductions/image_name directory.
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