BSP filename conventions

In our BSP documentation, buildfiles, and scripts, we use a particular filename convention that relies on a name's prefixes and suffixes to distinguish types:

Part of filename Description Example
.bin Suffix for binary format file ifs-artesyn.bin
.build Suffix for buildfile
efs- Prefix for QNX Embedded Filesystem file; generated by mkefs efs-sengine.srec
.elf Suffix for ELF (Executable and Linking Format) file ipl-ifs-mbx800.elf
ifs- Prefix for QNX Image Filesystem file; generated by mkifs ifs-800fads.elf
ipl- Prefix for IPL (Initial Program Loader) file ipl-eagle.srec
.openbios Suffix for OpenBIOS format file ifs-walnut.openbios
.prepboot Suffix for Motorola PRePboot format file ifs-prpmc800.prepboot
.srec Suffix for S-record format file ifs-malta.srec
Note: The QNX System Builder uses a somewhat simplified convention. Only a file's three-letter extension, not its prefix or any other part of the name, determines how the QNX System Builder should handle the file.

For example, an OS image file is always an .ifs file in the QNX System Builder, regardless of its format (ELF, binary, SREC, etc.). To determine a file's format in the IDE, you'll need to view the file in an editor.