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Internet domain name server


named [-4] [-6] [-c config-file] [-d debug-level] [-f] [-g]
      [-m flag] [-n num_cpus] [-p port] [-s] [-t directory]
      [-u user] [-v] [-x cache-file]

Runs on:



See in the NetBSD documentation.


The named daemon is a Domain Name System (DNS) server, part of the BIND 9 distribution from ISC. For more information on the DNS, see RFCs 1033, 1034, and 1035.

When invoked without arguments, named reads the default configuration file /etc/named.conf, read any initial data, and listen for queries.


Default name server configuration file.
The process ID.

See also:

/etc/named.conf in the NetBSD documentation.

hostname, kill, syslogd

gethostbyname(), signal() in the QNX Neutrino Library Reference

Based on RFC 882, RFC 883, RFC 973, RFC 974, RFC 1033