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Shared object that supports the Windows NT filesystem (QNX Neutrino)


driver … nt nt_options… &

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


The number of buffers to use for the dynamic decompression of compressed files (e.g. if in a directory you set the “Compress contents to save disk space” folder attribute). The default is 2; a value of 0 disables support for compressed files.
Fabricate . and .. directory entries. The default is off.

In addition, you can specify any of the filesystem options described for


The shared object provides read-only support for the Microsoft Windows NT filesystem. It's automatically loaded by the devb-* drivers when mounting an NT filesystem.

Note: This filesystem uses UTF-8 encoding for presentation of its filenames; attempts to specify a filename not using UTF-8 encoding will fail (with an error of EILSEQ).

The shared object doesn't support encrypted files, security IDs or ACLs, and alternate data streams.

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