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Report free disk space (POSIX)


df [-gknP] [device|directory|file]*

Runs on:



Display all statvfs() information.
Use 1024-byte units (the default is 512-byte).
Display the filesystem mountpoints and types only.
Display headings for the columns. (Output conforms to POSIX 1003.2/ format.)


The df utility displays the amount of free disk space for the given devices, directories, and files.

Note: By default, df reports its figures in 512-byte units; if you specify the -k option, is uses 1024-byte units. Any block counts reported by the filesystem are rounded into 512- or 1024-byte units, and df always rounds down (i.e. to reflect whole blocks available). For a filesystem that doesn't use native 512-byte (or multiples thereof) blocks, this will result in round-off errors.

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