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Move a window to the back of the workspace


void PtWindowToBack( PtWidget_t *widget );


This function moves the specified window widget and all its child windows to the back of the workspace. To do this, the function sends a message to the Window Manager.

Note: There's no way to move a window behind its parent window. If you want to be able to move one window behind another in your application, they must be siblings. For example, to make a window a sibling rather than a child of the base window, set the window's parent to NULL.


PtWidget_t   *my_window;

/* move my window to the back */
PtWindowToBack( my_window );



Interrupt handler No
Signal handler No
Thread No

See also:

PtWindowFocus(), PtWindowToFront()

PtForwardWindowEvent(), PtWidgetToBack(), PtWidgetToFront() in the Photon Library Reference