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Carrol Touch input manager for Photon


devi-carrol [general_opts] 
            protocol* [protocol_opts]*
            device* [device_opts]*
            filter* [filter_opts]*

Runs on:



Note: When you use a devi- * driver, you need a calibration file. The calibration file is generated from the output produced by the calib utility:
calib > calib_file.txt

For more information, see the calib utility in the Utilities Reference, and Touchscreens in the Neutrino User's Guide.

General options:

Prevent the use of the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Backspace keychord to exit Photon (permitted by default).
-d device
Device (default: /dev/photon or $PHOTON).
A graphics driver isn't requires when starting a touchscreen driver. This option is useful when you're debugging.
-g input_group
Input group (default: 1).
List the internal modules. Modules are listed in the following format where class is one of: D -- Device, P -- Protocol, or F -- Filter:
    module name | date compiled | class
-t msecs
The throttle factor, in milliseconds (default: 0).
Verbose output. More v characters cause more verbosity.

The protocol and protocol_opts are:

smartframe [smartframe_opts] [fd fd_opts]|[uart uart_opts]
fit [fit_opts] [fd fd_opts]|[uart uart_opts]

The protocol modules and their options are:

The device modules and their options are:

The filter modules and their options are:


The devi-carrol command starts the Carrol Touch input manager for Photon.


Connect the smartframe controller to the first serial port, and use the serial manager to get input data. Touching the screen emulates a right mouse button press:

devi-carrol smartframe fd -d/dev/ser1 abs -b

Connect the fit controller to first serial port. No serial driver is running, so use the uart module to talk to the device directly:

devi-carrol fit uart 

See also:


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