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Graphics driver for SA1100 LCD controller

Note: This driver is available only in the Board Support Packages that need it.


io-graphics -d sa1110 [option[,option...]] ... &

Runs on:



For the general io-graphics options that you can use with this driver, see io-graphics.

Options specific to this driver:

The full path to the configuration file for the driver. The sample file is /usr/photon/config/sa1110.conf.


The driver provides 2D graphics support for the SA1100 LCD controller on the specified development boards.

You can configure to run your board by editing the configuration file. Follow the editing instructions in the sample file, /usr/photon/config/sa1110.conf, to specify the correct configuration for the required display mode.

If you use a configuration file for this driver, you must use the mode_opts option of io-graphics to specify its location. For example, mode_opts=/usr/photon/config/sa1110.conf.

Supported boards

Resolution and refresh support

Display size (pixels): Refresh rate (Hz): Color depth (bits per pixel):
320x240 N/A 8, 16
640x480 N/A 8



This driver needs the following at run time:
Graphics driver utility library.
Software rasterization library.

See also:

crttrap, devgt-iographics, io-graphics