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Transform module to rotate a display 270 degrees counterclockwise


io-graphics -d driver_name ... &

Runs on:

x86, PPC, MIPS, ARM, SH4




The transform module is used by io-graphics to switch the display between portrait and landscape views.

To load the module into io-graphics, use the hook option. For more information on options, see io-graphics.

You need to modify the X and Y resolution passed to io-graphics using the xres and yres options when you use the transform module. For example, to rotate a 640x480 16-bit color display 270 degrees counterclockwise:

io-graphics -d driver_name,xres=640,yres=640,bitpp=16 ...

Note: A 270-degree counterclockwise turn is equivalent to a 90-degree clockwise turn.

You can cascade transform modules to flip the display, i.e. rotate 180 degrees:

io-graphics -d driver_name ...

See also:, io-graphics