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Graphics driver for Intel PXA250 LCD controller

Note: This driver is available only in the Board Support Packages that need it.


io-graphics -d pxa250 [option[,option...]]
            ... &

Runs on:

ARMLE (XScale)


For the io-graphics options that you can use with this driver, see io-graphics.

Options specific to this driver:

The full path to the configuration file for this driver. The sample is /usr/photon/config/pxa250.conf.


The driver provides support for the specified graphics chipsets.

If you use a configuration file for this driver, you must use the mode_opts option of io-graphics to specify its location. For example, mode_opts=/usr/photon/config/pxa250.conf.

Supported chipsets

Acceleration features

Feature Provision
Solid fills No
Pattern fills No
Onscreen blitting No
Offscreen blitting No
Chroma-keyed blitting No
Alpha blending No
Raster OPs No
Bitmaps No

Resolution and refresh support

Display size (pixels): Refresh rate (Hz): Color depth (bits per pixel):
640x350 60 8, 16
640x480 60 8, 16



This driver needs the following at run time:
Graphics driver utility library.
Software rasterization library.

See also:

crttrap, devgt-iographics, io-graphics