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Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs.


Graphics driver for Hitachi Q2SD display controller


io-graphics -d q2sd [option[,option...]]
            ... &

Runs on:



For the general io-graphics options that can be used with this driver, see io-graphics.

Options specific to this driver:

Specifies the full path to q2sd.conf, the configuration file for this driver.


The devg-q2sd.so driver provides accelerated 2D support for the Hitachi Q2SD display controller on the specified platforms.

You can configure devg-q2sd.so to run your board by editing the q2sd.conf configuration file. Follow the editing instructions in this file to specify the correct configuration for the required display mode. (For a more detailed explanation of the display settings, see the appropriate Hitachi documentation.)

You must specify the location of the configuration file to the devg-q2sd.so driver via the mode_opts option of io-graphics, like this example:

io-graphics -d q2sd xres=640,yres=480,bitpp=16,photon,mode_opts=/etc/photon/config/q2sd.conf -pphoton

Supported platforms

Acceleration features

Feature Provision
Solid fills Yes
Pattern fills No
Onscreen blitting No
Offscreen blitting No
Chroma-keyed blitting No
Alpha blending No
Raster OP's No
Bitmaps No

Video Overlay/Scaler support


Other features

Feature Provision
Hardware Cursor Yes
TV Out Yes (NTSC)
Video capture No
DPMS (power saving) No

Resolution and refresh support

Display size (pixels): Refresh rate (Hz): Color depth (bits per pixel):
640x240 NTSC 60 16
640x480 NTSC 60 (interlaced) 16
640x480 VGA 60 16



This driver needs the following files available at run time:

Graphics driver utility library.
Software rasterization library.
Driver-configuration file.

See also:

io-graphics, crttrap, devgt-iographics

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