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Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs.


Sound driver for the Tahoe add-on I/O board for the SH4 7750 Aspen board

Note: You must be root to start this driver.


Direct invocation (also causes a new io-audio process to start):

io-audio -d tahoe [fifo_fix_thread_prio=num] &

Mounting (requires that io-audio is already running):

mount -Tio-audio [-ofifo_fix_thread_prio=num] \
/lib/dll/deva-ctrl-tahoe.so &

Runs on:

Tahoe add-on I/O board for the SH4 7750 Aspen Application Development System board.


The priority at which the FIFO-fixing thread runs.


The deva-ctrl-tahoe.so shared object is a device driver DLL for a Tahoe daughter board connected to an SH4 7750 Aspen Application Development System board. This DLL used by the io-audio manager. It uses the API described in the Audio Developer's Guide.

While deva-ctrl-tahoe.so is running, you can use applications with sound and those that control the sound-system.


Invoke deva-ctrl-tahoe.so directly from io-audio:

io-audio -d tahoe &

Mount deva-ctrl-tahoe.so (io-audio must be running):

mount -Tio-audio /lib/dll/deva-ctrl-tahoe.so &


The deva-ctrl-tahoe.so driver needs this shared object. It supports the Audio Codec 97 mixer.


When an error occurs, deva-ctrl-tahoe.so writes a description of the error to standard output.

See also:

io-audio, mount

"Audio drivers (deva-*)" in the Utilities Summary chapter

Audio Developer's Guide

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